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“The land of thousand islands”, Croatia is an absolute paradise for sailing.

Taking a yacht along the Croatian coast is a truly unique experience which includes typical Venetian villages with ancient baths, bell towers, medieval fortresses, quaint taverns and some of the clearest waters and pristine beaches in the Mediterranean. Although the islands stretch from Istria to Dubrovnik, most are clustered in central and southern Dalmatia. Dropping anchor in one (or ten) of these spectacular islands during your sailing trip around Croatia is definitely a highlight of the coastline.

You’ll discover secluded coves inaccessible from land, bathe at sunset in spectacular waterfalls and savour delicious local food and wine in the taverns of some of the most beautiful hidden islands.

If anything, the Croatian islands are over-endowed with natural beauty, to the point where narrowing down a charter itinerary becomes difficult.  Tim will ensure you see the best islands as well as places on the mainland .