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The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands were made to sail.

Greece is known as the Mediterranean home of sailing, and has long been a favourite of travellers, island-hoppers and sailing enthusiasts from all over the world. For those who want to explore its beautiful beaches, coves and the many timeless ancient archaeological sites this country has to offer, the Greek Islands are full of picturesque destinations to visit. 

There are so many versatile islands, each with their own unique personality, but all sitting conveniently close to each other. Every stop in a new port feels different and fresh.  The islands are separated into geographical areas, and three of the best are the Ionian, Aegian and Saronic/Argonic Gulfs.  Each has it’s own vibrant charm and character.

Ionian Islands take in Corfu to Kefalonia and some stunning smaller islands like Paxos and Antipaxos.  The Aegian runs south from Athens down to the gorgeous island of Santorini, whilst the Saronic and Argonic gulfs run to the west of Athens making a trip to the historical city an easy addition